Disaffiliation Information

Sunday, April 24

A church conference was held for the purpose of voting on disaffiliation from the United Methodist Church organization.  The vote passed with 96% voting affirmatively.  Once our vote is approved by the District Annual Conference, disaffiliation will be effective June 30, 2022.

Disaffiliation Vote

Statement of Faith

Developing and adopting a new statement of faith at this time, is essential to anchoring our church, informing current, new, and future members of our shared beliefs,  and will provide a crucial document for us to use in the search for a pastor.   Congregational review and input/feedback is welcome.  Please click below to view the current working document:

Church Name Selection

Once disaffiliation is effective, we can no longer use the "United Methodist Church" trademark in our church name.  A preliminary name suggestion ballot was given out to the congregation on May 1. 




name ballot.jpg

With this initial input, the steering committee will meet with the congregation to discuss these, and other possible name choices for the church, on Wednesday, May 18 at 5:30pm in the sanctuary.

A vote by ballot will then be taken by the congregation, at a later date.

Now thru Sunday , May 29 Church Name Re-Vote

On Wednesday, May 18th, a congregational meeting was held to discuss and narrow down the name choices for our upcoming disaffiliation from the United Methodist Church.

On Sunday, May 22, voting was held on paper ballots and online.  The results ended in a tie for the top choice.

 We will re-vote with the two names only:

  • Charlotte Fagan Community Church

  • Charlotte Fagan Fellowship Church

You can re-vote by clicking the button below, or in person using a paper ballot available in the sanctuary on Sunday, May 29. 

Pastor Search

The steering committee is in the process of developing a preliminary list of the qualities and characteristics that are desired for our church's pastor. These, along with our newly adopted statement of faith, will be used to begin searching for and interviewing candidates.  There will be a dedicated team for the pastor search process in the near future, that will seek congregational input.

Steering Committee Standing Wednesday Night Meetings 5:30pm

The steering committee has been meeting regularly on Wednesday nights to plan and manage the timeline and changes required to become an independent church. 


After the May 18th meeting, all future Wednesday night meetings will invite congregational participation and feedback.  Your voice and participation is vital to the success of our church.  We plan to dedicate the first 30 minutes of each meeting for suggestions and questions.